The Business Executive is a pan West African media, communications and events management group. Headquartered in Accra, Ghana, we also directly maintain an office in Lagos, Nigeria. In every other West African capital city we operate out of the respective national offices of each country’s Chamber of Commerce and Industry, under the auspices of the Federation of West African Chambers of Commerce and Industry, FEWACCI. We also maintain representatives in South Africa, the United Kingdom and the United States (who also covers Canada on our behalf as well).

Today The Business Executive operates in three core areas.

·         Publishing

·         Strategic Communications

·         Events


Our passion is West Africa. All our activities are driven by our desire to support the fulfillment of the long-held dream of an economically integrated West Africa, offering a more than 300 strong single market, generating wealth for its citizens across 16 countries through the identification and exploitation of business opportunities all around the sub region and the creation of employment opportunities, while linking the West African economy as a whole seamlessly to the rest of the world within the emergent global economic framework. Indeed this informs the editorial coverage and geographical circulation for our publications as well as the eligibility and coverage for our awards schemes.

In similar vein we are in the process of organizing pan West African conferences and forums aimed at providing platforms for entrepreneurs, corporate executives, international trading concerns, multinational and sovereign government officials and business regulators to interact, network, exchange ideas and form partnerships, collaborations and alliances.


We are the only company that organizes and hosts events aimed at promoting and facilitating cross border trade and investment in the West African sub region, supporting and facilitating the establishment of intra sub-regional supply chains through business to business relationships and transactions, and identifying markets across the sub region. This we do by organizing and hosting conferences, forums, seminars and workshops designed to enable enterprises, entrepreneurs, institutions and corporate/institutional executives to interact, network, establish partnerships, collaborations and alliances and exchange ideas, proven successful business practices and market information,; as well as award schemes that identify and publicly recognize outstanding performance and conduct by enterprises, institutions and individuals with a view to establishing a class of industry leaders across various economic sectors, setting business standards and creating role models that mentor their peers and upcoming generations.

We organize both country specific events and pan sub regional events.


We currently organize and host the following events on an annual basis:


·         The Business Executive Excellence Awards:

This award scheme, instituted in 2014, aims at identifying and publicly recognizing enterprises, institutions and individuals that have achieved outstanding performance and/or exemplary conduct in their operations and activities.

·         The Feminine Ghana Achievement Awards:

This award scheme, instituted in 2015, aims at identifying and publicly recognizing women in Ghana whose professional, entrepreneurial or managerial achievements and/or societal contribution and impacts have been outstanding and are therefore role models capable of mentoring others.

·         The Technology Impact Awards:

This award scheme, instituted in 2016, aims to identify and publicly recognize enterprises, institutions and individuals that have been outstanding in their invention, development, commercialization and/or application of technology or engineering with resultant significant positive impacts on economic or societal activities.

·         The Environment, Health and Safety Awards:

This award scheme, instituted in 2016, aims to identify and publicly recognize enterprises and institutions whose commitment to environmental friendliness, and the health and safety of employees, customers, host communities and society in general has been exemplary, therefore making them models for others to emulate.

·         The West African Business Awards:

This award scheme, whose maiden edition will be held later this year, aims to identify and publicly recognize enterprises, institutions and individuals that are outstanding in their intra sub regional business activities or who have been exemplary in their promotion and/or facilitation of trade and investment between two or more West African countries and by so doing are contributing significantly to growth and development of cross border trade and investment activities within the sub-region.


We have recently commenced organizing one-off conferences, forums, seminars and workshops which aim to bring together private and public sector enterprises, institutions and individuals comprising entrepreneurs, corporate, institutional executives, captains of commerce, business facilitators and regulators, researchers, using our platforms to enable them interact, network, exchange ideas and forge business partnerships, collaborations, joint ventures and alliances. We also organize practical business enlighten events that seek to provide attendees with invaluable information, data, analyses, insights and perspectives on specific issues, events and trends  that affect their business, professional and commercial activities.

We are currently preparing, in collaboration with the Federation of West African Chambers o Commerce and Industry, our technical partners, to host the first ever West African Business CEOs Summit slated to be held in the first half of 2018 in Lome, Togo.

 We are also engaged in organizing seminars on specialized issues. Our calendar for 2017/18 in this regard includes seminars/workshops on specific issues in banking, insurance, entrepreneurship and the use of local raw materials and technology in the building and construction industry.  



Our vision is to be recognized as a prime channel for the integration of business enterprise across West Africa, and between the sub-region and the rest of the world, utilized by enterprises, multilateral and bilateral trade and investment facilitation institutions, sovereign governments, and regulatory authorities for promoting and facilitating trade and investment both within individual West African jurisdictions and between themselves and with the rest of the world


Our mission is to provide platforms for top quality, relevant and accurate analyses, data, perspectives and insights; and interactions and networking within individual African countries and across the sub region as a whole that can be used to identify business opportunities and enhance efficient business and regulatory decision making, in order to exploit them optimally - this as a means to fulfill our corporate vision.


The TBE Events Unit is committed to the core principles of technical accuracy, relevance, integrity, objectivity, cost effectiveness and independence. We believe that our corporate fortunes now and into the future are best maximized by adhering to these principles, which will ensure our continued relevance, goodwill, credibility, value and consequent patronage by our clients and our wider stakeholders.


We operate within a corporate culture that encourages and rewards professionalism, initiative, integrity, dedication, diligence and hard work. We are also committed to maintaining a corporate culture that gives our clients, associates and wider stakeholders, maximum respect, dealing with them with humility and honesty as close partners, rather than as “other parties.”  


We have the capacities to organize and host events in every West African country which has a national chamber of commerce and industry which is a member of FEWACCI.


Our events are financed by a combination of corporate/institutional sponsorships and participation fees. The financing mix varies depending on the type of event being organized and the particular issues being addressed.

This opens up major corporate/institutional sponsorship opportunities for potential sponsors wishing to avail themselves of the chance to reach the specific markets, enterprises and/or institutions represented at a particular event.

We offer a range of sponsorship packages for each event we organize and host, enabling sponsors to choose a package that suits their budget. Every sponsorship package comes with specific benefits, all aimed at maximizing the marketing/publicity impact accruable to the sponsor.  


We continue to design new events as part of our overriding strategic positioning. Our events will increasingly tend towards trans-national rather than country specific events, in line with this strategic market positioning. Furthermore our events mix will be further focused on conferences, forums, seminars and workshops.

To this end we will seek and secure collaborations with strategic partner institutions wherever we believe this will improve the quality of the event being organized.



We invite you to avail yourselves of the opportunities generated by our events, whether as strategic collaborators, sponsors, participants or as parts of our operating value chain.

Please feel free to contact us as follows:      

+233 (0)302 431608, +233 (0) 248 135645

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. / website: www.thebusinessexecutive.net