Event Info

08:00AM - 05:00PM
December 2016
Zimbabwean Victoria force

The awards will recognize and celebrate women from various countries across the continent, in both the public and private sectors who have exhibited exemplary leadership qualities and dedication to the improvement of lives and who have made major positive impact on significant numbers of people.


Date and Venue

Zimbabwean Victoria force, December 2016. 

Event Activity 

The event will include a buffet dinner, musical performances and speeches by top officials of the African Government, multilateral institutional and organizations as well as womens’ support and advocacy groups.


The African Women Leadership Awards are being organized by The Business Executive magazine, an international publication covering business, finance, investment and development issues. Published since 2011, the magazine is circulated in both Ghana and Nigeria and is read widely in both countries by public sector decision makers, corporate and other institutional executives, the entrepreneurial, professional  and commercial classes, portfolio investors, high networth individuals and the locally resident international community.


The African Women Leadership Awards will identify, publicly recognize and celebrate women across sub Saharan Africa who have made outstanding positive contributions to the development of society or the living standards of large numbers of people.   This will be done on a continental scale. However, we will not seek to ensure that every country is represented among the awardees. Emphasis will  be placed on identified merit rather than even distribution of awardees in geographical terms. However there will be a deliberate effort to at least ensure representation from all the various sub regions of sub Saharan Africa, and also representation from the main language groups on the continent.

The Awards will confer huge prestige on awardees all around the continent and indeed beyond.  We will ensure sufficient pan African and indeed global media coverage to make the identities and accomplishments of awardees known internationally


In African society, women are given a special place as “mothers of the nations”. Indeed women tend to make outstanding contributions with regards to both the nurturing of society towards higher ideals and also making concrete efforts that result in better living standards for people. In these regards there are women across Africa who are exhibiting exemplary leadership traits and skills. 

It is such people that the African Women Leadership Awards set out to recognize and celebrate.

Our aim is not only to encourage such women through conferring on them public recognition and accolades, but also to use these to encourage other women in positions of power and influence to use these for the good of wider society.

Importantly we have adopted a pan African scope in order to bring the achievements of awardees to the notice of other societies all over the continent and thus encourage their emulation across other countries.