EHS Awards

Event Info

November 11, 2016
08:00AM - 05:00PM
Golden Tulip Hotel Accra


To appreciate the indispensable role safe and sustainable practices play not only in attaining business success but also in maximising the overall societal interest.


Date and Venue

November 11, 2016, at Golden Tulip Hotel Accra

We are very much impressed with the strides that corporate Africa is making; we are appreciative of the contribution these corporations make not only to the national outputs of the nations in which they operate but also the collective continental output. Our major interest however resides in the micro analysis of the very processes and people who make these productivities possible; adherence to quality, health, safety and environmental standards so that the principles of sustainability, phenomena that affect the collectivity of our(humanity’s) present and future interests are safeguarded. It is these companies which operate at the cutting edge of sustainable practices that we seek to award and motivate.

The driving force underpinning our decision to award companies is to encourage continuous improvement and commitment to quality health and safety practices. 

Our awards programme is categorised on the basis of international standardisations. These categorisations shall remain established, institutionalised and serve as the sources of the awards that we shall offer selected companies. Figure 2i contains the categorisations;


The Environment, Health and Safety Awards (EHS Awards) are organized under the overall supervision of The Business Executive magazine, a monthly publication, which has been produced monthly since 2011 and is circulated in Ghana, Nigeria and some selected other major English speaking countries in Africa. The magazine covers business, finance, economy, investment and socio economic development issues.