Corporate Profile

Corporate Profile


Hereunder is the corporate profile of BUSINESS EXECUTIVE LIMITED, a limited liability company incorporated in Ghana under the Companies Code of 1963 and registered with the Registrar General’s Department. The profile provides pertinent information on the company’s scope of activities, geographical area of operation, ownership, management and growth and diversification plans into the future.


Business Executive Limited (BEL) is a firm of specialized publishers and special event organizers. Consequently, apart from our registration with the Registrar General’s Department, we are also registered with the National Media Commission as publishers. Our principal offices are located in Accra, Ghana.

Our flagship activity is the publishing of a monthly magazine entitled The Business Executive. This is a specialized publication covering the economy, business, and finance and development issues. It has been published consistently since 2011.

The magazine is published in full colour on glossy art paper to ensure that the longevity of its shelf life extends well beyond its one month publication tenor

Written by some of the most skilled and experienced financial journalists in Ghana and Nigeria, the magazine is circulated in both of those countries, where it has developed a strong reputation as a leading provider of relevant, accurate, insightful and timely information and analyses on economic activities in both countries. Consequently it is read by senior public sector officials, corporate decision-makers, entrepreneurs, professionals, the commercial class, venture capitalists, portfolio investors, the intelligentsia and locally resident expatriates in both countries.

Our flagship magazine is circulated and read in both Ghana and Nigeria, since our editorial coverage encompasses business, financial and developmental activities in both countries. We have achieved a monthly print run of 30,000 copies, roughly equally divided between the two counties in terms of circulation. However all pre-production and actual printing is done in Ghana. 

Following the strong brand reputation achieved by our magazine, we have since diversified into the organizing of special, business sector-related events as well. Our Special Events Division has been established to organize awards for business and professional excellence, conferences, workshops and seminars, and other business elated events as conceived by us or our consultants.

To this end we have already convened and hosted the inaugural edition of the BUSINESS EXECUTIVE EXCELLENCE AWARDS in 2014. This is now an annual event. We have several other events – awards programmes and conferences/summits inclusive – in the pipeline.

In organizing our Special Events we seek to forge strategic alliances/partnerships with proven experts in whichever fields of endeavor we are addressing and with professional associations, bodies or other groupings as are relevant. Our special events tend to be business related and increasingly are geared towards functions that are international with regards to participation, focusing mainly on promoting co-operation and partnerships across the West African sub-region.

However we also are geared towards organizing events and programmes that promote and propel the development agenda of Ghana and other countries in the West African sub-region. 


Our head office is located in Accra, Ghana. In Nigeria we have representative offices in Federal capital city (Abuja), Lagos State, River State, Imo State, Edo State, Enugu State and Delta State.

We are now in the process of establishing a representative office in Banjul, The Gambia.

In other West African countries we use a network of agents who have registered enterprises in those countries and who represent us in any business activities we conduct there.


To become the leading business publisher and business-related events organizer for sub regional activities across West Africa.


To provide business information to both the public and private sectors across the West African sub-region, which can be used to create wealth, alleviate poverty and enhance sub-regional economic integration.  


Our company is managed from Accra by a team of experienced professionals in the fields of media management, financial journalism, marketing, events management and accounting. We also have skilled and experienced representative managers in each of our offices in Nigeria.

Our Chief Executive Officer is Paulette Kporo, who is also the majority shareholder. She holds a degree in Economics from the University of Port Harcourt in Nigeria and has well over a decade of hands-on experience across both Ghana and Nigeria in media management, marketing and events management.

She is ably assisted by a versatile team of experienced experts in various relevant fields of endevour. Key to our operations is a network of professionals in financial journalism and events management who serve as consultants in the execution of our activities.


We currently are engaged in the following:

*Business Executive, a monthly magazine;

*The Annual Business Executive Excellence Awards

* The 1st Feminine Ghana Achievement Awards

* Special, annual publication on the King of Warri, Nigeria.

We are also preparing to engage in the following projects imminently and are currently arranging the requisite partnerships/alliances and acquiring the needed professional skills base:

*Business Eye, a weekly business newspaper

* A Summit of West African CEO’s

* Emirates branded golf tournament in Dubai

* African cultural association in the United States and the United Kingdom 


We continue to design publications and events which we will implement in conjunction with our international network of partners into the future. These are at various stages of design and implementation. In doing this we will continue to combine our own formidable in-house capabilities with those of our consultants, foreign representatives and our partnering individuals, institutions and associations.