The Magazine

The Magazine

The Business Executive Magazine has been published monthly since 2011 and over the past five years has grown into a major Pan African magazine which is circulated in Ghana, Nigeria, Sierra Leone, The Gambia and Liberia. Limited copies are also sent to South Africa and Kenya, the United Kingdom, the United States and Canada, through an arrangement with the Ghanaian diplomatic missions in those countries.

The magazine is printed in Ghana.


The magazine is strictly politically non partisan and indeed does not address purely political issues although it does cover issues of social governance and sometimes, political economy where such issues impact on business and investment performance.

However the overwhelming emphasis in terms of content is on the economy, business, finance, investment and development issues, primarily in Ghana and Nigeria, but with limited coverage of other English speaking countries in Africa, as well.


The magazine is printed in full colour on glossy art paper to ensure durability and excellent colour reproduction. Pagination varies each month between 72 and 100 pages.

PRINT RUN &CIRCULATION: Our monthly print run is 10,000 copies. This is divided in geographical terms as follows:

Ghana: 4,000 copies

Nigeria: 3,000 copies

Other Anglophone West African countries: 2,000 copies

Other African countries: 500 copies

Outside Africa: 500 copies 

Our market surveys indicate a pass along readership of 4 to 1 in Ghana and Nigeria, giving a total monthly readership of 16,000 and 12,000 readers respectively in those countries. Pass along readership in the other countries where we circulate is estimated at 6 to 1, because of the lower print run in those countries.


Our annual Banking Survey, inclusive of both editorial content and adverts, is put on a special dedicated website to provide free electronic access, for a full year. We are now revamping our regular magazine website which provides free electronic access to all our other editions. This is with a view to making it more reader friendly.


Our market survey indicates that our readership comprises the following in proportional terms:

Government officials, policy makers and business regulators and facilitators: 20%

Corporate executives and decision makers: 45%

Professionals : 15%

SME entrepreneurs: 15%

Multilateral institution executives and non residents with an interest in Ghana and/or Nigeria: 5%


The Business Executive is highly regarded among our readership for the technical accuracy and relevance of its content as well as the quality of language and page lay outs.


The magazine is patronized widely by advertisers because of its international reach and the captive nature of its middle/upper market readership which ensures maximum impact of the adverts placed in it.


We look forward to your joining our wide advertising clientele in order to take advantage of this and enjoy excellent value for your advertising spend.